Our Story

At Collette Ward Interiors we are influenced and inspired by the emotional connection that we all have with our Homes.

We work from our design boutique in the beautiful Wicklow countryside, offering the most fabulous fabrics, wonderful wallpapers, eclectic accessories, all selected with a strong design ethos.

Our projects range from the humble cottage to the most luxurious of homes in Ireland and Europe. We are proud to have worked on the finest houses in the country and believe our extensive design knowledge and skill, with a practical and friendly approach, has been the reason so many clients return and promote word of mouth referrals.


How can we benefit you?

Collette Ward Interiors can bring colour, vibrant and our distinctive style to your project.

We don’t believe in the usual clichés, so we won’t bore you with them here because we differ from our competitors with our unique experience lead approach to creating beautiful homes.


What we do.

The word ‘Home’ is central to how we carry out all our design projects. Working closely with you (and the feel of your property), we envisage and shape a design that central to your idea of relaxation, peace and comfort.

At Collette Ward Interiors we have a carefully selected, handpicked team of tradespeople who we have worked with for over 20 years, the best in the business, each suiting different styles of projects. Each member of this team is sympathetic to the vision of your home and works in sync with us to create an inspiring finish.


About Collette

Everything I do is about how it feels, does a space make you want to lie on the sofa? Cook in that kitchen? Snuggle up with a book on that comfy chair? Working with sumptuous fabrics and sensuous enveloping colour that draw you into a space and make you feel the pleasure of ‘home’ is very important to me.

I love colour, it can take me to a completely different place mentally and emotionally, yet each of us is drawn to different colour instinctively. My own personal taste is irrelevant, it’s what my client feels good living with is important. The homes I decorate should reflect them with my professional direction and expertise together let’s create something beautiful!

I am honest, warm, energetic, direct, sensitive and driven to see my client’s homes transferred under my expert direction into stunning interiors which myself and my team can be proud of. If you want t home with a difference then let’s start that conversation in colour.


About Linda

I like to build a relationship with a client to ensure they get the best from me. The connection between client and designer is most important to us. As a great majority of our work is repeat business with many generations of families returning time after time because of our personal approach. I am patient, kind and have great empathy with the clients I work with.

I have a lifelong love and obsession with design and architecture, I appreciate the traditional farmhouse just as much as the uber modern new build, a talent which is essential in giving an interior that a client will love. My philosophy is that it is very possible to have a practical family home filled with colour, pattern, texture and beautiful things, why wait?